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There is a fantastic range of tours available in Cape Tribulation to help you explore this unique area where two World Heritage areas meet; the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

cape tribulation tour bookings
Your host at Rainforest Hideaway can advise you on all tours,
you can book them online now, or book them when you have arrived.

Cape Tribulation is a place where you could relax and forget about the world, or you can make it an action packed stay, the choice is yours!

To give you some idea of what tours you could combine to make the most out of your stay here are some approximate departure times;

Ocean Safari departs for their reeftrip at 08:15and you'll be back around 13:00, which will give you time to do an afternoon horse ride, a sunset kayak tour, or the exotic fruit tasting. Their afternoon does not usually run unless it is busy in town.
Horse rides run in the morning and afternoon departing 08:00 and 13:00
Jungle Surfing tours depart hourly throughout the day and last about two hours, so can always be fitted in somewhere, although they can be booked heavily during busy times.
The nightwalks start picking up from 19:30 so you can have some dinner after your day tours and still be ready on time, the restaurants start cooking at 18:00
So if your time is limited, but your energy is not, you could do a morning reeftrip or horseride, followed by a junglesurf, and then a sunset kayaktrip followed by a nightwalk, all in one day!

Anf if all the above sounds too exhausting for you, why not relax with a massage at Rainforest Hideaway.

Virtually all tours at Cape Tribulation have been awarded Eco-Certification by Eco-Tourism Australia.
This organisation was formed in 1991 as an incorporated non-profit organisation, and is the peak national body for the ecotourism industry.

So when you book your Cape Tribulation tours you can be assured you have chosen a true eco-tour, with minimum impact on the unique and delicate environment of the Daintree Coast and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

snorkeling and diving tours on the great barrier reef

great berrier reef snorkeliing tours with ocean rafting
Ocean Safari on their way to the Great Barrier Reef on a half day snorkel tour

A trip out to the Great Barrier Reef is the number one must do activity in north Queensland, you can simply not go back home to Europe or where every you are from without seeing this amazing masterpiece created by Mother Nature.
The reef is closer to the coast in Cape Tribulation than anywhere else along the Queensland coast and Ocean Safari can get you from Cape Tribulation beach to the reef in only twenty minutes!
While admiring the amazing shapes and colours of the corals you will be surrounded by schools of brightly coloured tropical fish, sea turtles and many other creatures.
And at the right time of year you will even see whales passing on their migration path up and down the Queensland coast!



cape tribulation horse riding tours

beach horse rides in cape tribulation on the daintree coast
Ride your horse along the beach in Cape Tribulation

No matter if you're an experienced horse rider or a beginner, a horse ride through the Daintree rainforest and along the beach is a great experience.
Cape Tribulation Horse Rides runs half day tours seven days a week, they will pick you up from any accommodation in Cape Tribulation and take you to the stables with their free courtesy bus.
When you book you will have to state your riding experience so they can match you with the right horse.




jungle surfing in the daintree rainforest

jungle surfing in cape tribulation in the daintree rainforest
Zip through the treetops of the Daintree rainforest with Jungle Surfing

Jungle Surfing is Cape Tribulation's newest and most adrenaline packed activity.
Under the guidance of highly trained and experienced guides you will be transported up into the rainforest canopy at the base of Mount Sorrow where platforms in the tree tops are connected with steel cables.
You will be fitted with a safety harness which will clip on to the flying fox cable and there you go, gliding like a bird through the rainforest canopy.
Tours depart hourly throughout the day and last about two hours.


jungle surfing in the daintree rainforest
Recognize your hosts on the brochure?
You can have this much fun too!


exotic fruit tasting tours

exotic fruit tasting in cape tribulation
Taste some of the exotic fruits at Cape Trib Farm

Cape Tribulation's subtropical climate is excellent for fruit trees from all parts of the world.
You can experience these special fruits at the Exotic Fruit Tasting tours at the Cape Trib Farm, wait till your tastebuds hit the soursops, custard apples, rambutans, mangosteens, salaks, carambolas etc.



cape tribulation sea kayaking tours

sea kayaking on the daintree coast in cape tribulation
Sea kayaking in Cape Tribulation is a great way to explore the Daintree Coast

Currently not running



guided daywalks and night walks in the daintree rainforest

guided nightwalk in the daintree rainforest in cape tribulation
Python on a tree during the Jungle Adventures nightwalk at Cape Tribulation

There are various boardwalks and walking trails around Cape Tribulation where you can explore the rainforest on your own but there are a few reasons to book on a guided nightwalk.
The rainforest at night is a different place, where animals come out that hide during the day.
And your guide knows where they live, and he is trained in spotting the often very well camouflaged animals.
Your tourguide will also tell you all about this amazing flora and fauna, so you get an understanding of how everything in the rainforest eco system is connected to eachother.




crocodile spotted on a tour in the daintree national park
Large crocodile on the banks of Cooper Creek in the Daintree National Park

North Australia's rivers are teeming with crocodiles, who have been gradually building up their numbers ever since laws were introduced to protect them.
When you arrive in the Daintree area you will find quite a number of tour operators specializing in boat trips to spot crocodiles.
If you make the detour into Daintree Village you will find numerous operators there, too many to mention here.
Just before the Daintree river ferry there is another group of booking offices offering tours on the Daintree river.
If it does not fit in to your itinerary to do a crocodile tour on your way up to Cape Tribulation or on your way back then the nearest tour to Rainforest Hideaway is on Cooper Creek, only about twenty minutes down the road, next to Cafe on Sea at Thornton Beach.
This one can not be booked online but your host can always make phone bookings for you at short notice while you are staying at Rainforest Hideaway.
This tour, Cape Tribulation Wilderness Cruises, is the only boat permitted up Cooper Creek, and thanks to this the crocodiles know the boat and will not flee when approached.
On the Daintree river is the Solar Whisper, an excellent tour which has a croc cam on board to play back those encounters that happen just a bit too quick.



four wheel drive safaris to bloomfield track and cooktown

cape tribulation  four wheel drive safari tours
Mason's fourwheeldrive safari crossing a creek on the Bloomfield Track

For those really adventurous travellers for whom Cape Tribulation is still not remote enough there are two tour operators in Cape Tribulation that run four wheel drive safaris, ranging from half day tours to the Bloomfield Falls to full day tours to historic Cooktown via the (in)famous Bloomfield Track.




daintree treefrog at cape tribulation
daintree rainforest tree frog
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