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Enjoy a relaxing massage in the tranquility of the Daintree rainforest


We do not only offer some of the best accommodation in the Daintree at Rainforest Hideaway, but also traditional Thai massage in the gazebo by the fish pond.

For those who prefer a more gentle massage than the vigorous Thai massage, oil massage is available too.

Your accommodation host Aruni was born and raised in Thailand where she learned the traditional massage techniques, and she has brought them to the Daintree.

The Thai massage is not only available to our accommodation guests, it is open to guests of all other resorts and day trippers to the Daintree.

An introduction to what traditional Thai massage is;

Thai massage is a system of massage, stretching and manipulation, developed in Thailand and influenced by traditional medicine from India, China, as well as by yoga.

In Thai massage oil is rarely used, and the receiver is fully clothed in light loose fitting clothing, and lies on a mat or firm mattress on the floor.

Thai massage is an effective treatment for back trouble
Thai massage is a combination of pressure, stretching and manipulation

Thai massage is powerful and rigorous, and goes deeper than the western style oil massage.
Hands, elbows, knees, and body weight are used for effective strong massage techniques.

Thai massage involves many  combinations of stretching
See why Thai massage is also called yoga for the lazy

A traditional Thai massage involves stretching and twisting, and is also informally known as "yoga for the lazy".

In Thai massage the body weight of the masseuse is used for deep tissue techniques
Stretching is an important part of Thai massage

Massage treatments are tailored to individual situations; gentle for those with smaller bodies or injuries, and stronger for those who can handle it and appreciate a more powerful massage.

Some of the Thai massage technniques are not suitable for every one

Massage Rates

Rates for Thai massage are $75.- one hour, $105.- for 1.5 hour.
Thai massage has many different techniques and one hour is often not quite enough.

Rate for oil massage is $75.- for one hour.


cape tribulation spa in the Daintree rainforest

If you are looking for a professional massage in Cape Tribulation during your stay please contact us.



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