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wwoofing in the daintree

wwoofing in cape tribulation in the daintree

First an explanation for those who have stumbled on this page by accident and are wondering what the hell this "wwoofing" is......

Wwoofing is the exchange of 4 to 6 hours of work per day for food and accommodation, as defined by WWOOF Australia (short for Willing Workers On Organic Farms)
Nowadays there are more organizations such as helpexchange and workaway doing the same thing but to keep it easy they will all be referred to here as wwoofers.

Rainforest Hideaway has had wwoofers helping out for many years now, some have stayed for only a night, some for weeks, and one for six months!

Wwoofers are welcome to help with;

The Garden - On the two hectare property of rainforest there is a strip of about 1000 square metre along the roadside where I try to grow some fruit. This is not easy in this environment of little sunshine and heavy rainfalls, and on a regular basis things get out of control and the long-grass grows three metres high again. Sometimes we manage to get some pineapples, bananas or jackfruit out of this jungle. The garden has slipped pretty low on the priority list, I feel a bit reluctant to spend more time on it as there is so little success....

The accommodation- there is always something to clean, rooms to get ready for the next guest, phone to answer, or a guest's questions to be answered.
Your host Shane tries to spend as much time as possible getting more sculptures estalished on the property so help is much appreciated.

The Sculpture Trail - The sculptures are all made of cement, which is heavy stuff.
It is a big help to me if I can have someone who knows how to mix concrete, or is willing to learn, as it is hard to do the mixing and the sculpting all at the same time.

For an introduction to your hosts click here, we eat quite a bit of Thai food so hopefully you appreciate a bit of spicy food.

If you have some artistic talents you might be able to add something to the sculpture trail, or if you would like to see if you have any hidden talents I can give you an introduction to cement sculpture, a few people have been surprised at what they managed to produce!

All wwoofers, regardless of what organization they are a member of, will be asked to show photo ID and sign a basic work agreement on arrival, I have a Workers Insurance Policy with the Queensland Government to cover both of us in case of any mishaps or accidents.

Hours are always flexible, some days might be a long day, then you might have a day off, or start early, or start late, we have to work around guests and around whatever project I am doing at the time.

Rainforest Hideaway is not like an office or factory, it is a pleasant unique environment and I need wwoofers that enjoy being here and being part of the never ending creative project do not see it just a job.
When you are on site you should be willing to answer the phone or do some little thing that needs doing at the time, and not ignore it because you reckon you have already done your hours.
Although some wwoofers have only been here just to save some money, others that have stayed here have found it a truly memorable experience to live in the rainforest surrounded by animals, and to be part of the rainforest lifestyle and creative projects that are always happening.

There are all sorts of local tours to do in Cape Tribulation, from jungle surfing to snorkel trips to fruit tasting, and you can do them at a 20% discount while wwoofing here.

Those who have their own computer or other gadget with them can use ourinternet connection up to 80Mb a day.

How to get here? See some driving directions or some info on the bus to Cape Tribulation.

Your accommodation is in this cabin:

wwoofer cabin in cape tribulation

If you would like to come wwoofing please CONTACT ME and give me some info on yourself, a photo would be nice too so I can see who I am talking to, your skills, training, interests, and some indication of how long you would like to stay (minimum a week or so).




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